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Pension insurance

Grant holders living in Finland are required to insure themselves at the Farmers Social Insurance Institute Mela when having received a grant that enables their continuous work in Finland for at least four months.

The law states that the obligation to insure applies to all grant holders living in Finland who have been given a Finnish work grant. The grant is to be used for no less than four months work in Finland, and as annual income no less than 4 506 Euros a year (the 2024 standard). Work performed with grant funding abroad or by a foreign person in Finland is also, with certain prerequisites, subject to insurance obligation.

The Diabetes Research Foundation notifies Mela (electronically) of the wage earners obliged to ensure their pensions. The notification contains information regarding the awarded grant and, among other things, the grant holders social security number.

In accordance with the Farmers Pensions Act (MYEL) the grant holders receive statutory pension and health security.

Additional information: Farmers Social Insurance Institution Mela(avautuu uuteen ikkunaan, siirryt toiseen palveluun)