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Grants for 2024

In 2024 the Diabetes Research Foundation awards grants for a total of 550 000 Euros. The grant application period was between the 2nd and 31st of January 2024.

In 2024 also the grants of Kyllikki ja Uolevi Lehikoisen säätiö (Kyllikki and Uolevi Lehikoinen foundation) are applied on our electronic grant system. The total sum of the grants is 45 000 Euros and is awarded as working grants to young researchers.

Additional information regarding one and two-year grants

The grant is paid in its entirety to a research account in either the university or the research department. The general expense recommendation by the Diabetes Research Foundation is ten (10) percent at the most. The decision regarding the amount of general expenses (overhead) is to be stated in the application.

Additional information regarding the personal grants (work grants)

We recommend that the grant is sought for at least four months of work, in which case the grant holder’s pension is insured in accordance with the Farmers Pensions Act. More information can be found on the Mela website(avautuu uuteen ikkunaan, siirryt toiseen palveluun).

The personal grants for 2024 are awarded based on degree as follows:

The personal grants will be paid in one transaction.

Application form

Prepare your grant application under the application period (January each year). Use our electronic application form and follow the instructions carefully.

The application form can be found from:
https://diabetes.apurahat.fi/haku/UserLogin.aspx?kieli=englanti(avautuu uuteen ikkunaan, siirryt toiseen palveluun)

If you encounter problems when logging in, ask for advice: hakemustuki@datalink.fi.

Application instructions

The following attachments are needed. Only one merged PDF attachment is allowed.

  1. Research plan, follow the structure on Instructions_part_1.pdf
  2. Resume of research group leader or personal grant applicant, follow the structure on Instructions_part_2.pdf
  3. List of publications (without IF, JR, TC), follow the structure on Instructions_part_3.pdf
  4. Ethical committee approval (human and animal research)

You must complete (as accurately as possible) a separate cost estimate form in addition to the condensed cost estimate on the actual application form. If you are applying for a one-year personal work grant (for example dissertation researchers), you don’t need to complete the separate form.

The budget must state how the grant will be divided for example into working grants, as well as into equipment and other costs, and for how many months the working grants are sought.

The application should clearly state the intended use of the grant. If the grant is intended for thesis work, the application should state at which stage the thesis work is.

The applications to the foundation are of a high standard, and we are not able to support all applicants. To ensure that as many good applicants as possible can receive receive our research grant, we prioritize applicants who have not received a grant from us in the year before the year of application or the two previous years before the year of application (two-year grants).

Additional information

For further information regarding the applications or the application process, please contact the Diabetes Research Foundations scientific secretary Valma Harjutsalo, 044 076 2707, valma.harjutsalo@helsinki.fi

If you have any technical questions, you can contact technical support at hakemustuki@datalink.fi.

Application handling

The data in the application documents form a personal register that is kept, preserved and filed by the Diabetes Research Foundation. Applicants have the right to check and correct incorrect entries in the registry. Contact the foundation if you want to use the right. The information and documents are given to the experts who assess the applications.

Through the electronic application form, you can give your consent to the data being registered by the foundation.

We publish the names and research topics for all beneficiaries on our website and in our printed annual report.

The Diabetes Research Foundation’s Privacy Policy(avautuu uuteen ikkunaan)