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Congratulations on receiving a Diabetes Research Foundation grant! Please familiarize yourself with these instructions thoroughly, and you will receive flexible grant funding in support of your research venture.

1. Withdrawal of grant funds

1.1 Creating a payment request

In order to withdraw grant funds you are required to create a payment plan. When creating a payment plan, you also commit to using the grant funds for the purpose which they were awarded.

The recipient of a grant will be notified by e-mail. Along with the award decision you will receive a personal code that you will need when creating the payment plan. Be sure to save your code, as it can only be found in your award decision e-mail.

The payment plan can be created electronically in our grant system and only in Finnish. Sign in using the same login information as you used when creating your grant application.

If a one- or two-year venture grant contains personal working grants awarded to members of the research group, the head of the group should create the payment plan on behalf of the group members as well.

The payment plan for one-year grants should be composed by the end of November the same year that the grant was awarded.

The payment plan for two-year grants is composed at one time, but the payment is made in two instalments. The request for the first instalment should be composed by the end of November the same year as the grant was awarded, and the second by the end of November the following year.

If a two-year grant contains personal grants for the research group members the payment will be made at one time, in one instalment.

1.2 Grant payments and payment schedule

Once it has been approved by the Foundation, we complete payment of grant funds in compliance with your payment plan as follows:

The grant funds for one- and two-year ventures are always paid to the research institute accounts, not personal bank accounts. This is our new policy concerning awarded grants from 2020 onward.

Personal working grants can also be paid to personal bank accounts.
All grant fund payments require a Finnish bank account, an IBAN account number as well as a diligently filled out payment plan.

We do not have set dates for the payment of grant funds – we complete payments all-year-round. Please note that grant fund payments are paused during the summer holidays from midsummer to the end of August, as well as during the Christmas and New Year holidays. Get more detailed information regarding payment pause duration and timing here: taina.hietaharju(at)diabetes.fi.

1.3 Overhead, or research institute administrative expenses

Research institute overhead is included in our grants. Te overhead percentage of awarded grant funding can be 10 % at the most.

2. Period of Use for grant funds

The one-year grants should be used within two years of the date when they were awarded, no later than Dec 31st. The two-year grants should be used within three years of the date when they were awarded, no later than Dec 31st.

For example:

2.1 Unused grant funds

If a payment plan is not composed and a payment request is not made within the specified timeframe for the use of the funds, the grant is automatically returned to the Foundation. Grant funding that has already been paid should also be returned to the Foundation if it cannot be used for the purpose stated in the grant application.

3. Personal grants or research group member salaries

As part of the good regime of the Diabetes Research Foundation, one of our conditions is that none of the research group heads that have been awarded a grant by us may use those funds as grants for their research group members.

If you wish your venture grant to include working grants for research group members, the working grants should be included in the original grant application (name of person, working months and amount of grant funds). In case the names of the research group members are unknown, you may apply for a personal working grant for NN.

Awarded working grants are presented in the award decision.
If working grants have not been applied for and/or awarded, you may only use part of the venture grant to pay the research group members their salary. In this case the head of the research group or the research institute is in charge of employer responsibilities.

3.1 Changes to personal working grants

If you wish to use part of your venture grant as personal working grants for researchers that have not been named as research group members in the original application (including possible NN), you should as head of the research group request permission to pay them personal grants.

The request is made with this form (form is available only in Finnish). These requests will be decided on by the chairman of the Foundation based on the representative’s proposition.

4. Reports to the tax administration and Mela, The Farmers’ Social Insurance Institution

The Foundation reports awarded grants to the tax administration and Mela, The Farmers’ Social Insurance Institution. If a venture grant contains personal working grants, we report them as well.

The head of the workgroup as well as possible workgroup members should on their own initiative compose the reports regarding received grant funds (as well as salaries paid with the grant funds) and submit them to Mela and the tax administration.

5. Adjustments to grant fund use and payment

In case the situation for a grant recipient or possible workgroup member changes from what is stated in the grant application in such a way that it becomes impossible to follow the original research and payment plan, payment of the grant funds can be paused, the payment schedule changed or otherwise adjusted. Typical situations that require these types of adjustments are i.a. parental leave or a researcher transferring to another work assignment.

The grant may also be completely revoked.

Adjustment requests should always be submitted to the Foundation in writing, and adjustments can only be made after the request has been approved by the Foundation.

If you have questions regarding the aforementioned adjustments please contact the Foundations representative, janne.mikkonen(at)diabetes.fi, phone: 050 310 6608.

6. Composing a report of use

How the grant funds are used should be presented in a report of use that can be composed electronically in our grant system.

Submitting the report of use by the set deadline is a requirement for possible future grant awards.

View the instructions for composing the report of use.

7. Additional information

For information regarding the payment plan and payment of grant funds: Taina Hietaharju, The Finnish Diabetes Association, taina.hietaharju(at)diabetes.fi, phone: 050 466 6617.

For information regarding the use of grant funds (adjustment requests): Janne Mikkonen, representative, The Diabetes Research Foundation, janne.mikkonen(at)diabetes.fi, phone: 050 310 6608.

NOTE: The grant assurance form (request for payment) and the report of use can only be composed in the Finnish system.